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Civil litigation occurs when two or more parties are engaged in a legal battle and seeking money. Whatever the nature of the civil litigation, the case is heard in a court so that a judge or jury can make a decision on the matter.

In any civil litigation matter, it is important to have a lawyer who specializes in civil litigation representing you. This attorney is known as a trial lawyer or litigator and is someone who represents a wide variety of proceedings including depositions, pre-trial hearings, arbitration and mediation. These are the processes that work toward guiding the parties involved in litigation to settle without having to go to court.

There are many different types of civil litigation that can take place. Generally, litigators specialize in one or two particular areas of practice. Some of the most common are:

• Anti-trust litigation
• Construction liability
• Divorce
• Education law
• Environmental law
• Intellectual property
• Landlord/tenant
• Medical malpractice
• Personal injury
• Product liability
• Real estate
• Workers’ compensation

Generally, civil litigation can be described as a legal process that does not involve any criminal charges or penalties.

A civil litigation lawyer has many responsibilities that can be varied and challenging at the same time. First and foremost, the attorney serves as the advocate for their client and strives to get the client the best possible outcome during a case. These kinds of attorneys must be dedicated and fight for their clients’ rights every step of the way.

Civil litigation lawyers must have expertise and plenty of experience to help you have the most successful case possible. If you are planning on filing a civil litigation suit and need a skilled and experienced litigation attorney, contact our office at your earliest convenience. The sooner you have your attorney on your side, the better your chances during the trial.