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Personal injuries are mentally and physically devastating. Many people deal with confusion and frustration after an accident. While a monetary recovery may not be your primary concern you will need legal representation to protect your rights against insurance companies. We can help you navigate the legal process and maximize your recovery.

We have experience with auto and bike accident injury cases as well with as slip and fall injuries occurring on private property. You must act quickly to retain an attorney to take action before the Statute of Limitations runs out for you to file a claim related to your injuries. We can help you understand the insurance polices and can insure the facts are presented clearly and correctly. We will make sure you have the most successful case possible.

We will build your personal injury case. We can help you obtain payroll records and medical records, as well a request an expert review of your medical records. In addition to speaking with the witnesses, we can work with an accident reconstruction specialist.

After a personal injury, you might not have the time or strength to handle your communications. We can speak for you to medical professionals, insurance companies and your employer. Insurance companies like to extend the investigation process. If the issue cannot be resolved in a timely manner, we will file a personal injury lawsuit to protect your legal rights.

We can help you save time and money, as well as help you obtain a high monetary reward. Insurance companies cannot intimidate us and we will not allow them to do the same to our clients. We know your rights. You can refuse a small settlement being offered by the insurance carrier, and you do not have to speak with an insurance adjuster. Let us handle the case in order to maximize your recovery. Our attorneys will strategize for the best possible result even before getting into the Courtroom. Contact us today for a free consultation. If necessary we can come to you.