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Are you a real estate owner, developer or have you been damaged in connection with purchase of real property?  Then you are in need of competent legal assistance. We are an experienced  real estate law office and can help resolve your issues. Mr. Mozaffar has experience in real estate law and litigation to recovery damages for his clients. CONTACT US today to discuss aspects of your case.

Real estate disputes can be complex and require particular experience and knowledge of the law and it relevant dynamics. Mr. Mozaffar can assist you with legal disputes arising from real estate transactions including litigation in this area. You shield also utilize our legal advice and assistance in negotiations connected with the closing of commercial loans, SBA loans/refinancing, etc.

Mr. Mozaffar has a great deal of experience and knowledge concerning such matters including  the structuring and issues surrounding real estate partnerships and business operations. Our firm can also give you efficient legal representation concerning a variety of commercial leasing and insurance matters.

Whether you are a real estate owner or developer, we can help. Mr. Mozaffar has the necessary knowledge, skills, qualifications, and litigation  experience to resolve your case.

We often can arbitrate issues with your opponents, clients or lenders to resolve the issue without having to recourse to the legal process. If necessary, Mr. Mozaffar will stand by you at every step of a Court case.

Don’t let your real estate dispute be bogged down by delays or paperwork. Get in touch with us today to learn what an experienced real estate lawyer can do for you.