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Business law generally encompasses issues associated with starting, buying or managing a business. If you have questions or concerns regarding business law,  consult with us and we can help.

When starting a business, there are processes to complete, and documents to be prepared and filed. To start your business correctly and avoid legal complications later on, proper documents must be prepared and filed with federal, state or city administrative agencies. Depending on form of the business, there may also be mandatory permits which must be obtained. It is often necessary to setup a business entity such as Corporations or Limited Liability Companies to protect your induvial assets. Consulting with us can insure you get your business off to the right start as quickly as possible. Mr. Mozaffar can explain the different types of business organizations and will advise you regarding the most appropriate fomat for your particular needs. Get in touch with us today to learn what an experienced  lawyer can do for you.

When buying a business you will need to determine if exactly what risks you are facing. Assets, debt, royalties, leases, etc. all must be reviewed by an experienced attorney like Mr. Mozaffar before you proceed. You may be purchasing property, purchasing goodwill, entering into long term leases, etc. and each of these items require careful review by an attorney. Mr. Mozaffar can draft a purchase contract or negotiate terms in a contract being presented to you. . There are other documents that may be necessary including a bill of sale, deed and non-competition agreements that Mr. Mozaffar can draft for you. Since there can be substantial paperwork involved when you buy a business, it is critical that you have legal counsel to protect you. It is unfortunately common for one or more of the involved parties to breach a covenant or agreement. Mr. Mozaffar who is years of experience with business sale transactions can help you avoid loss.

Running a business is a full-time job. You often need to be present for the day-to-day operations to make sure your business is running smoothly. This will not leave much time to keep up with all the business regulations required by your local, state and federal government. Mr. Mozaffar can guide you staying compliant with various laws and regulations and can insure that any required licenses are obtained and kept active so that your business is not penalized.

If you need an experienced attorney for your business law needs, then contact our office today!